Is the Cloud for you?

April at Pendello has been all about the cloud. We have covered "What is the Cloud?," "Is The Cloud Secure?," "Can The Cloud Save you Money?" and now we need to determin if you are a candidate for the cloud. Most businesses can benefit from a cloud environment although there are a few barriers that must be crossed. Let's take a dive into whether or not the cloud will work for you...

The cloud offers so many benefits to businesses that it is no wonder why so many businesses are getting on board with the cloud. If you fit any of the following criteria, do your business a favor and explore your options to make a move toward the cloud.

Mobility is essential to you.

The cloud provides the ability to work from anywhere at any time. Many businesses want to give flexibility to their employees to work anywhere at any time. You should definitely look into cloud computing.

--With that being said, on-premise environments are capable of mobility although, it was not initially built for mobility whereas the cloud was and provides many more options to customize for your business’s footprint.

You prefer a Maintenance-free environment.

If you would like a continuously updated and sound environment without the surprise maintenance charges that can occasionally occur with an on-premise environment, then the cloud is for you.

You already use cloud-friendly applications like Office 365.

If the applications that you consistently use are “cloud-friendly” the move to the cloud makes perfect sense. If you use both “cloud-friendly” and not, the cloud is still an option, but a hybrid environment may be what you need.

You struggle with the thought of not having a server in your office.

If you have an emotional attachment to your server and always want to be able to lay eyes on it, then the cloud isn’t for you. This is a bit archaic, and you may be holding back your business from growing, but the reality is, if you can’t get over this hump, the cloud isn’t for you.

Mobility is your arch-nemesis.

If working from anywhere isn’t what you are looking for. Or you want your team working within a specific time constraint, and no other time, the cloud isn’t for you.

A cloud environment, whether it be a hybrid environment or an all-in-model, is what is becoming the norm for most modern offices. There are so many benefits, and the customization is endless. Contact our Pendello team of Business Technology Associates today and let them answer any questions or uncertainties you have about the cloud!