Have You Heard of Forms?

Microsoft is on the brain this month at Pendello Solutions as the Microsoft SharePoint conference is coming up later this month. As we dig deeper into our Microsoft 365 stack to prepare for the upcoming conference, we quickly realized that many are unaware of some of the lesser known applications within the comprehensive 365 stack. This month, at Pendello, we are moving our focus to a few of these lesser known applications within the 365 stack in hopes that it might help you utilize a few more applications that may bring a bit more efficiency to your workday. To start off the month right, we are going to look at Microsoft Forms.

Many times, we utilize outside applications for tasks within the office when there is already an application within our environment. The external application may do the job although it may not be as efficient or secure. Microsoft Forms is a one-stop shop for surveys, quizzes, and polls for within your office setting. Not only is the application intuitive and extremely easy to use but it also allows added ease with question branching and the ability to add point values for easy grading and data usage. And speaking of data usage, Forms automatically creates charts and easily exports the data to excel for extended evaluation. Making the use of this data exceptional for presentations and feedback.

When struck with how to test training effectiveness, what everyone in the office wants for lunch or how well you as an executive are doing in the eyes of your employees, turn to the easy button within your Microsoft 365 stack and use Forms. Not only do you already have the application, but it also keeps everything within your environment. Saving an additional download or fear of a not adequately secured application.

For any additional advice on your 365 stack applications or how to better utilize your 365 Stack continue to check back with our May blogs. We will be focusing on a few apps you may not be familiar with and as always, reach out to our team of Pendello Solutions Business Technology Associates to learn more about securely streamlining your business within the Microsoft 365 Stack.

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