Training, a Gentle Row With Microsoft Stream


Pendello Solutions has the goal in May of highlighting the lesser known apps within the Microsoft 365 stack. This week we have placed our focus on a very cool tool which will hopefully help you streamline processes within your organization. Microsoft Stream is a video service in which your office can securely upload and share videos with those within your organization. To fully grasp the benefits this application can offer, let’s take a look at what this app can do!

Microsoft Stream, another amazing lesser-known application within the Microsoft 365 stack, has many benefits for your office. We at Pendello Solutions see the most significant advantage of Stream in our organization within our training platform. Training can be a challenging task all on its own but ensuring everyone receives the same content and understands it to its fullest extent ups the complexity. We at Pendello Solutions love the fact that Stream allows us to upload a video for knowledge transfer for our team. Additionally, we like to add automatic closed captioning as we can ensure all employees, no matter their learning style, are able to understand the content effectively. Stream with closed captioning also allows for more natural search and reference.

Microsoft Stream can be used for continuing education, new hires and daily knowledge transfer with the added benefit of easy reference for knowledge refreshing at a later date. Stream is available on mobile browsers which means the videos are available anywhere, anytime and the viewers and actual completion can be tracked; taking a bit of the stress out of your training platform.

For more information on Microsoft Stream or the many other applications within the comprehensive 365 stack, continue following our May blogs. For added information on these applications or how to better streamline your business with security in mind, contact our incredible team of Business Technology Associates at Pendello Solutions.


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