Microsoft Sway, The Modern-Day PowerPoint

Gone are the days of solely creating slides shows with timed transitions! Microsoft Sway, one of the lesser known applications from the 365 Stack, allows for the creation of interesting presentations with incredible options, fantastic flow and presenter-less presentations. Sway is where today’s presentations are headed, so let’s take a more in-depth look!


Microsoft Sway can be used to present to clients, for training purposes and even as education on your website for prospective and existing clients! The natural flow of Sway presents itself as a more exciting presentation instead of clicking through slides full of “data.” Sway was built for incredible imagery to enhance your data and flows with either natural horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, or even slides giving you the freedom to decide which option is ideal.


Instinctual is another incredible benefit to Sway. Even though there is not a vast number of templates in comparison to PowerPoint, the intuitive nature of Sway allows for simple creation of sophisticated presentations. Not only can you upload your own content to sway to build the bones of the presentation, but you can also pull in web content. Additionally, Sway is also capable of recommending content based on what you have already built in the presentation.


Microsoft Sway encourages collaboration, which makes it an incredible option for a modern office. Since Sway is cloud-based, collaboration is possible from any web-accessible location. With a simple "Edit" setting, you can “invite people to…” collaborate on the creation of any presentation. On the topic of being cloud-based, Sway also allows for simple yet calculated sharing. You simply send your Sway link to any recipients and you, as the decision-maker, choose whether you want the recipient to be able to view, edit, or share the presentation.

With all of the choices innately built within Microsoft Sway, it is time you give it a try. Take your presentations to the next level with this intuitive and impressive application within your 365 Stack. While you’re in the mode of taking things to the next level, contact our incredible Pendello Team of Business Technology Associates. Our team can help take your business to the next level through secure and efficient business automation.


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