Is the cloud secure?

When dealing with cloud computing, one of the top questions we receive at Pendello Solutions is, “Is the cloud safe?” What most people mean by this question is, “How is the cloud a better option than having my data and applications on-premise?” As with anything in today’s business world, security needs to be verified. There are definitely perceptions of the cloud and this week our focus is to take a look at these perceptions and decide truth or myth.

The most common myths we encounter when discussing potential cloud migration are as follows: “I need to have eyes on my server.” “Anyone could walk into a server farm and access my data. “My files and data will be intercepted or hacked in the cloud.” This week, we will attempt to debunk these myths once and for all!

As we stated in last week’s blog, the cloud isn’t for everyone and even when it is for you, it is not a one-size-fits-all model. With that being said, cloud security should not be where major hesitation lies. As massive corporations with rigid compliance demands like banking, healthcare and investment regulations move toward the cloud, we all need to find out why they trust the cloud

Myth Debunking:

Having my server on-premise will always be safer.

  • This is like saying, “Having my valuables in my house is safer than in a safety deposit box at a bank.” Server Farms have the expertise and monetary backing to firmly secure tens of thousands of servers. These facilities are locked down and as secure as Lockheed Martin! Your private server in your utility closet is much more vulnerable to an intruder.

My files and data will be intercepted or hacked if saved with a cloud provider?

  • Repeat after me, “encryption.” Your files and data should be fully encrypted during any transfer and throughout storage. Meaning, even if your files were intercepted or hacked, they would appear to be complete gibberish.

My data is more susceptible to security breaches in the cloud.

  • First off, just like security in your own office, security is never guaranteed. Although the security of a cloud provider is never guaranteed, reputable cloud providers have the monetary backing and research to adequately secure their environments more effectively than the average business is capable. In all reality, security breaches are less likely to happen in a cloud situation. Cloud Providers on average have fewer access points, and breaches are more commonly caused by holes in applications.

As you can see, security in the cloud should not be holding you back from investigating the possibilities with the cloud. The cloud can offer your business opportunities through efficiency, mobility and customizing that might not have been an option through a traditional on-premise model. Check back with us as we explore more with the cloud in April. (#Aprilisforthecloud) As always, for any questions with the cloud and how it could benefit your business, contact our Pendello Team and let them customize a plan to best suit your business.

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