Incredible Innovations: CES 2020

Last week, CES 2020 came and left, but while here, enthralled us with new technology announcements. We saw Alexa in just about every device from toothbrushes to cars and witnessed some of the most advanced headphones/hearing devices. We saw smarter smart TVs, mind-blowing laptops, and even some of the silliest, most ridiculous solutions which no-sane person needs. As always, the week of CES is a week we greatly anticipate, and fortunately, it has yet to disappoint us. Let’s take a look and a few releases that we saw last week.


If you love a curved monitor as much as we do at Pendello Solutions, you will love the new 49-inch Samsung Odyssey G9. This massive monitor has a 1000R curve, which mimics the natural curve of the eye, allowing a natural un-straining view on a large screen. The color and brightness of this screen leave little to be desired. Gamers and multitaskers alike will rejoice!

Samsung Od G9



Something almost as impressive as the 49-inch Samsung G9 yet ten times more ridiculous is the Onewheel Coolerwheel. The thought behind the Coolerwheel is understandable, although the actual product is outright silly and even dangerous. The concept that many times a full cooler is challenging to carry or even pull makes perfect sense. However, this electric skateboard with an expensive YETI cooler attached doesn’t seem to knock it out of the park. Instead, all I see is someone who mixes riding this cooler with what is in the cooler resulting in an issue with law enforcement!




Luckily, Lenovo did knock it out of the park! Last week we spotlighted the Thinkpad X1 Fold, but that wasn’t the only impressive laptop announced by Lenovo at CES 2020. In addition to the Thinkpad Fold X1, we also fell in love with Lenovo’s Thinkbook Plus. This incredible laptop is truly two collaborating devices rolled into one. With its’s 13.3-inch screen on the inside and e-ink display as its cover, this laptop brings versatility to the office.





Innovation is the power behind the technology industry, and CES historically knows how to bring it. CES 2020 was a successful start to the new year, and we can’t wait to see how a few of these announcements materialize. Reach out to our Pendello team today to learn more about these technologies and how innovation can help you grow your business.

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