CES 2020 is Here!

It is January, and CES 2020 is in full effect. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) historically was where the newest and most exciting technologies announcements were made, and this year was no different. Although, in recent years, a new wave of change has occurred. A few of the larger innovators like Microsoft and Sony are now saving their most significant announcements for their trade shows. This change has opened the doors for newer innovators to release their latest and some even outright odd problem-solving technologies.

Just like any other year, we are always eager to see what is released at CES. This year, we have seen some incredibly innovative technologies. Many of these innovations can help us live healthier, safer, and more efficient lives. However, a few are just fun as they prey on our weaknesses as a human race.

Let’s take a look at a couple of those fun yet, not necessary innovations.

To help us fulfill our complete obsession with social media, Samsung introduced the Sero TV. This TV automatically switches orientation from horizontal to vertical, depending on what you are watching. Welcome the perfect viewing option for Instagram and TikTok. This TV has not yet been priced by Samsung but looks to be a perfect addition for anyone who uses a Samsung Galazy phone.

Picture this; you’re walking down the street and get the sudden need for a tattoo. Instead of investing hours in ink you may not end up loving, why not just print a temporary tattoo on instead. For those of you that this seems completely logical, get ready for Prinker, the temporary tattoo printer. This printer quickly prints cosmetic ink in black or color and up to an inch wide.




Now, on to the meaty innovations.

As 70% of employees globally work remotely at least one day per week, many times, we grow tired of lugging around a massive laptop computer. Lenovo took this problem to heart, researched the newest trend of foldable screens, and developed a 13.3-inch laptop computer that is supposedly as durable as it is compact. The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold utilizes a pOLED (plastic OLED) screen so that the entire screen can fold in half. This versatile 2.2lb laptop can unfold completely to reveal inside its charging keyboard. The display can be viewed horizontally or vertically. It can also be used as a full screen or half to resemble a tablet. Basically, for around $2500, you’re getting both a laptop and tablet all in one.

Thinkpad fold


Security is a hot topic these days, and the showroom at CES was no different. Pendello Solutions prides itself in its security awareness. We take the burden off our clients by figuring out what is necessary to keep their offices as safe as possible but, what about when you go home? How do you keep your home and family safe from data entering and exiting your home when you aren’t even aware the traffic is moving? Winston, the home privacy helper, is a step towards reducing the data footprint in your home. By installing this small device in between your WiFi router and modem, it acts as a virtual private network (VPN). Winston monitors the traffic coming in and going out of your home and even claims to make your network faster as it prevents unnecessary data from loading by blocking cookie trackers and ads.




CES 2020 will come to a close tomorrow, and we at Pendello Solutions are eager to take a moment and absorb all the good that came out of this week. Check back next week as we spotlight a few more announcements. Additionally, give our Pendello Solutions team of business technology associates a call today and let us help you find the technology solutions that will help you automate your business more fully!






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