Bitdefender Box: Helping You Keep Your Smart Home Safe

With over 17 Billion connected devices worldwide, we all need some help keeping our families and homes safe from online attacks and intruders. Most of us have smart devices throughout our home, and many times we forget that these devices can be a front door to cyberattacks. Bitdefender box is the brute security guard we all need for our homes.




With the number of Cyberattacks against IoT devices up 300%, we need added security to protect our data, our children, and our homes. Bitdefender Box is an innovative security hub that monitors and protects all internet-connected devices in your home. This includes thermostats, phones, computers, TVs, gaming devices, smart appliances, and many more. All of these devices have to connect to the internet to keep the proper function of the devices. The Bitdefender Box monitors these connections to ensure these are the only communication occurring. If any additional connections are made, the Bitdefender Box, in real-time, blocks the attempt and alerts you that an attempted hack has occurred.


smart devices


Bitdefender also allows you to monitor all of these devices remotely to see who is on your network and assess any vulnerabilities. You can set up limits on devices, whether this is time allowed on the internet or accessible sites. This will enable you to manage the safety and needs of your own family. Also, with many of us expecting holiday visitors, Bitdefender Box allows you to set up guest networks to prevent Uncle Snoopy from perusing any of your sensitive files or data.


Keeping our homes and offices safe is a full-time job. Check out Bitdefender Box for your home and reach out to our Pendello Solutions Team to help protect your office. Let us worry about your office security. You can go into the New Year, just worrying about your resolutions and not worrying about the vulnerability of your office files and data.

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