Hey Cortana, Play My Emails


There are times when 24 hours in a day doesn’t seem like enough. Days where you feel like you never stop running from one thing to the next. What if you could review emails while you were dealing with another task like driving? Microsoft has once again offered us a helping hand and has released a tool that will help us do just that. Now through the Microsoft Outlook app, the lovely Cortana can read aloud your emails.


This new feature, named “Play my Emails,” was created to help all of us multitask. You can have your emails read to you while working on something else at your desk or playing in the car while you are driving. Think of the possibilities. After pressing play on the app, Cortana assesses the last 24 hours of messages in your "focused" inbox. Cortana identifies the sender and the relationship to you to offer context without having to look at the screen. She will read in full the messages and will notify you if an email has multiple images and would be better received by viewing it on a screen. She also reviews your calendar to inform you if you have had any changes.


By tapping the “Inbox” header a drop-down is revealed. In the bottom left-hand corner of this drop-down, you will find a play button. Tap this play button and sit back and listen.





The “Play My Emails” feature is currently available with iOS but will also soon be available on Android. Try it out today and see what you think! If you want more time-saving tips to help you and your teams in the office, continue following our blogs and reach out to our Pendello Solutions team today!

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