Microsoft Productivity Scores: The Truth on How We Work


Last month at the Microsoft Ignite conference, there were many announcements with the focus on better security and higher efficiencies. The announcement that we are bringing to the forefront today takes this two idea to the next level. Microsoft Productivity Score considers the endpoint user and making his/her overall work experience more productive and seamless.

Microsoft Productivity Scores give insight into how employees are working and how they are using their tools. It analyzes how the current tools are helping/hurting them and then offers insight and specific actions to management This insight not only can improve their experience and their productivity but also can improve overall job satisfaction. Which as we all know, happier employees creates better morale and culture which is a win-win for everyone.

Below is an example of what data the Productivity Scores will provide. In addition, if offers improvement suggestions and even data on collaboration is the office.

Image 12-3-19 at 11.09 AM


We all strive to have happy and productive workplaces, and helping our teams to be more efficient productive can provide the desired result. To learn more about this tool and how it will benefit your office, give our team of Business Technology Associates a call today.


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