Microsoft Is Adding Even More Security


As was discussed last week, Microsoft Ignite was two weeks ago in Orlando, Florida. Like past years there were some exciting announcements. In last week’s blog, we touched on Project Cortex and what benefits it will add to an organization’s entire ecosystem. Another integral set of announcements at Ignite 2019 revolved around security. These announcements encompass multiple facets including, multi-point authentication, Enhancements to Azure, Endpoint protection, Firewalls, Application Guards, Compliance, and Insider Threat enhancements and will all be important against fighting cybersecurity threats. The focus this week is on Insider threat enhancements, for as we have discussed previously, your security is nothing without having a competent inside frontline.


Two of the exciting announcements made at Ignite 2019 that we at Pendello see making a critical difference in building a secure frontline for security are the Insider Risk Management tool and the expansion of built-in classification, sensitivity labeling, and trainable classifiers. As we know, 95% of security breaches could be prevented, but your frontline must be trained and confident. We highly recommend cybersecurity training as a must to keep your employees versed on current threats. Still, mistakes do happen, and employees can go rogue. These two new additions can help prevent insider accidents from occurring.


The expansion of built-in classification and sensitivity labeling will help keep our data safe by being able to classify data across the entire organization and apply specific security settings set by those classifications. The labeling can also be used in programs where the classifications do not exist or to speed up the process of trainable classifiers. Collaboration is a growing fundamental need in today's workplace and it is imperative that we keep data safe as many times, it is traveling outside the confines of the company firewall. With sensitivity labeling, you are able to automatically encrypt data or watermark documents as a safety precaution. For content that may cross third-party applications, you are able to apply labels which enable it to keep its specified protection even if the third-party application does read or support the labels. For content that requires even more security you can place a label that enables endpoint protection and will not allow the data to be copied to any removable storage device or to a third-party application like gmail or twitter. Sensitivity labeling is a must to keep our valuable data secure. 


There are times when even though we train our teams to stay safe, mistakes happen, and in unfortunate situations, employees can go rogue. This is when the Insider Risk Management tool comes into play. Insider Risk Management sees activities in real-time and can analyze the action. It is continually monitoring activities across Office, Windows, and Azure and can even take into account signals from third-party accounts. Alongside monitoring, it also uses machine learning to identify hidden patterns and risks that our typical methods might miss, helping us stay ahead of possible threats.


If you would like to learn more about the newest safety features within the Microsoft 365 Stack, be sure to continue following our blog and as always, reach out to our Pendello Team of Business Technology Associates. It is always better to take the time to be safe now rather than regretting not making it a priority when it is too late.


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