Project Cortex: Microsoft Ignite 2019

Microsoft Ignite returned last week to Orlando, Florida and once again brought great excitement to the world of Tech. This conference is where Microsoft announces and demonstrates brand new applications. Many times they tease out these developments at prior conferences, but what makes this conference so unique is we can see the excitement and take it to work for us immediately as these applications are ready for the market. One of the exciting announcements from last week was Project Cortex. Project Cortex is an AI-based application integrated with Office 365 that brings relevant knowledge directly to where you are working.

Project Cortex is the application that Office 365 has been waiting for. Office 365 brings together all of our content, allowing us to cohesively work more effectively and seamlessly throughout various applications.  Project Cortex takes the next step within our Office 365 ecosystem by making it easier for us to manage, discover, and use our data, all while never having to leave what you are working on.

Pulling from the same concept of “contact cards,” Project Cortex allows you to hover over a highlighted topic to receive valuable information that connects you more thoroughly to the data. Project Cortex uses AI to tag, filter, and cluster topics, keywords, and user involvement. Once enough information is compiled, it then can define and describe specific content definitively. Additionally, since it uses AI, it can also involve human assistance to curate and teach the particular process to speed up the learning process and optimize results.


Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 12.31.57 PM


The results of Project Cortex can assist with so many aspects of an office ecosystem. The application allows for people in different areas to communicate and collaborate more effectively by meshing the multiple “languages” of an office or industry to help place everyone on the same page. It also suggests “experts” on topics within a company bringing together people who otherwise might not have collaborated, making stronger, more productive teams.

Another aspect that Project Cortex can assist is with training. Many times, we forget that our office language and history are not universal. By having tagged acronyms, topics, and content, this allows us to share this wealth of knowledge without forcing someone new to feel like a bother or risk feeling less competent. We see it as training without intimidation.


One final aspect of Project Cortex is content classification, which significantly assists with the discovery and useful part of our data. This portion of the application creates more effective searches by innately tagging the same keyword criteria results within forms and invoices. Project Cortex uses machine learning for more loosely structured documents by taking a user-built model to capture and extract data to make searching for content more effective.


This new application, which is now effectively integrated with Office 365, is a game-changer for effectively using our office content and data. If you would like to learn more about how the automation of Project Cortex can help you take your employees and business results to the next level, contact our Pendello team of Business Technology associates today. Also, continue to follow our blog to learn more about what was announced last week at Microsoft Ignite 2019.



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