Yubikey: Even More Security!

Yubikey by Yubiko was a hit at last week’s CES 2019. Fans of this multifactor authentication device were already singing its praises, but these praises multiplied when Yubiko announced it now is compatible with iPhones and will be available soon to all users. Yubiko is a relatively new company so many have not heard the incredible reputation it is developing in the world of data security so if you are one of these individuals, dial in now and continue reading! Large corporations like Google and Facebook, who have extreme needs to secure data are already on board with Yubiko and have seen great success with their security needs.

The increasing risk of data breaches continues to be the trend, and multifactor authentication is no longer the exception, it is the expectation. Multifactor authentication has proven to be the soundest way to ensure the security of data; unfortunately, this process is known to be a hassle. Many times, users cannot remember passwords and thus waste their time resetting passwords when they could be getting valuable work done. But, not securely safeguarding your data will eventually cost even more time and money. This is where Yubikey, is proving to provide easy and secure logins. Yubikey is a physical device that with a simple touch provides multifactor authenticated logins that are four times faster than typing in a One Time Password. Yubikey is demonstrating that multifactor authentication doesn’t always have to be such a hassle! This device is smash-resistant and waterproof as well, so the fear of damaging the equipment and risking the ability to log in is practically non-existent.

Pendello Solutions is always evaluating new devices, and Yubikey is definitely on our radar. If you have any questions on multifactor authentication and how seriously your business should be taking this measure, contact our Pendello team of Business Technology Associates. This team is exceptional at explaining the risk versus reward of securely safeguarding your data and how proper security will save you and your business time and money.

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