Pendello's Top 3 CES 2019 Announcements

CES 2019 which is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association is coming to a close tomorrow and once again has wowed the world with new announcements of groundbreaking technology and solutions. This global stage has been the meeting place for all things new and innovative for over 50 years and once again, has showcased a wealth of new and incredibly innovative technologies. Themes this year are Smart Homes, 5G, AI and massive TVs and monitors. As of today, the following are Pendello’s top three spotlights on new technology that we are excited about.


Dell’s Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Laptop:

This is the very first-ever monitor to use proximity sensors. This is an incredible breakthrough as this new technology senses when you have left the “proximity” of your computer and automatically locks itself. Then, it will sense when you are back, automatically turn on facial recognition and can log you back in. Keeping your data safe and saving you time.

Yubikey for iPhones:

Security is always on our minds at Pendello, and so this is why we are so excited that Yubikey will now work with iPhones! Yubikey offers seamlessly simple two-factor, multifactor and passwordless authentication to help prevent against costly data breaches. There is a small group that is currently using Yubikey with iPhone, and a full launch will be announced later this year.

5G and AI Equipped Automobiles

Both Ford and Mercedes made huge announcements about their automobiles this week. Ford will be equipping all of their cars with 5G by 2022. This incredible technology that will run on the 5G network and would allow for cars to talk to each other, communicating dangers, traffic, locations of pedestrians and a wealth of additional information that will make the roads much safer. Additionally, Mercedes has partnered with Nvidia and will continue to develop AI architecture across all of their automobiles and are aiming to create “smart cockpits.” These advancements from both auto-makers should speed the process of automated cars and make both drivers and pedestrians much safer.


To learn more about the exciting technology that is being announced this week at CES 2019 and how it can help automate your business, reach out to our spectacular team of business technology associates at Pendello Solutions. This team will put you on the road to success through safe and secure business automation.


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