Pendello’s Shocking Discoveries: A Series of Very Cool IoT Devices Designed for Businesses

This month Pendello Solutions is taking a closer look at the Internet of Things (IoT) designed with businesses in mind. There are a plethora of IoT devices, but most of the well-known devices are designed for the home. Here at Pendello Solutions, business technology is our business, and we thought many of you might want to learn a bit more about how IoT is shaping the business world.

This Week's Edition: Kisi Commercial Smart Lock 

Building access, most business owners have to manage this, and when something goes wrong, we want answers. With this IoT device not only is building access managed more easily but all access can be recorded and monitored directly from a smartphone. The Kisi smart lock was designed for businesses unlike many other smart locks which were designed for residential. This lock allows you to decide how your employees access the office. It can be as simple as holding the phone up to the lock or can even require biometric authentication for full security. Kisi also comes with a reporting and administration interface which can be accessed from your smartphone which allows administrators to grant access to the building remotely or pull audits to track door unlocks in real time. Kisi does not offer emergency services but can be set up to notify you if the door opens at an abnormal time.

Additionally, a great customer service team is offered with Kisi Smart Locks which obviously seems “smart!” Although young, the Kisi Smart Lock appears to be extremely secure and efficient. Two things we love at Pendello Solutions!

To learn more about IoTs and how it can bring more data and efficiencies to your business, contact the Pendello Solutions’ expert team of business technology associates today. They will get your business on the track to do more smarter, faster and more securely.


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