Pendello’s Shocking Discoveries: A Series of Very Cool IoT Devices Designed for Businesses

This month, Pendello Solutions is taking a closer look at the Internet of Things (IoT) designed with businesses in mind. There are a plethora of IoT devices, but most of the well-known devices and usage are for the home. Here at Pendello Solutions, business technology is our business, and we thought many of you might want to learn a bit more about how IoT is shaping the business world.

This Week's Edition: Gabi Voice by Xerox

This IoT device is answering a need for so many of us! Copiers are incredibly daunting and typically are not user-friendly. Many times, printing, scanning, faxing and copying can be the most challenging part of creating a presentation. Not to mention the time an effort these machines take if a service call is needed. These tasks take valuable time and expensive human resources to manage. The Gabi Voice by Xerox is like hiring a Xerox expert without having to hire additional help!

Gabi Voice by Xerox is capable of taking commands from users to copy, fax, print, scan and even place a service call. This IBM Watson powered voice command technology allows its users to complete otherwise daunting tasks without having to spend valuable time going through a menu tree. This is another win for IoT. Gabi Voice can help set your office up for excellence with hassle-free efficiency, saving your business time and money.

To learn more about IoT devices and how they can bring more data and efficiencies to your business, contact the Pendello Solutions’ expert team of business technology associates today. They will get your business on track to become smarter, faster and more secure.

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