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Ford, Making Our Roads Safer by the Minute

On the road again, I can’t wait to get on the road again….or can we? Many jobs require a great deal of pavement time. Whether that is to and from the office or for many, the car is your office and your time on the road is where you literally work. This is why we at Pendello were so excited for Ford’s announcement at CES 2019 that by 2022 they will be equipping all cars with C-V2 5G technology. This new and exciting technology will allow for car-to-car communications and will hopefully save lives, money and the hassle that is associated with accidents.

Over 3,000 people die every day due to car accidents in the United States. Ford along with Qualcomm announced this month at CES that they will be equipping all cars with 5G technology by 2022 to improve road safety. The new technology will provide real-time, vehicle-to-vehicle communications offering collision avoidance, Left Turn Assistance, Emergency Brake Light and future vulnerable road user communications providing safety to drivers and pedestrians. These communications will alert other vehicles when cars are braking, turning left and can assist when potential collisions are on the verge of occurring. This technology is a significant step in the direction of autonomous driving as the automobiles equipped with Qualcomm’s technology will be able to warn and react before a human driver would even know a situation was happening. Thus, making drivers, passengers and even pedestrians safer when on the roadways.

As always, we at Pendello Solutions, are very excited to see such advancements in technology developing. If you are interested in learning more about the C-V2 5G technology or about other new technologies that were announced at CES 2019, please call our team of specialists today. Our team is always eager to enlighten our clients on technology that will help securely streamline their business to the next level!

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