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Essential Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts

We at Pendello Solutions live by the motto, “do it right the first time and only do it once.” Doing it the right way always means not cutting corners although it also means doing it in the most efficient fashion possible. Many think that the only way to maneuver through Microsoft Outlook is either with a touchscreen or with a mouse and because of this, we may be missing out on a step towards efficiency. This month, Pendello Solutions will be highlighting the not very well known keyboard shortcuts to Microsoft Outlook.

This week’s focus will be on Outlook Calendar and the shortcuts within. These shortcuts may not come fluidly at first but with practice, can save you time and headaches while working within Outlook. As a guide, if you need to press the buttons simultaneously the commands will be separated by a "+" whereas if you need to sequentially press the buttons, the commands will be separated by a ",".

  • Create an appointment (in Calendar view): Ctrl+N
  • Create an appointment (in any Outlook view): Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Create a meeting request: Ctrl+Shift+Q
  • Show one day in Calendar: Alt+1
  • Show two days in Calendar: Alt+2 (Same pattern up to 10)
  • Go to previous appointment: Ctrl+Comma
  • Go to next appointment: Ctrl+Period
  • Go to a specific date: Ctrl+G
  • Switch to Month view: Alt+Equal or Ctrl+Alt+4
  • Go to the next day: Ctrl+Right Arrow
  • Go to the next week: Alt+Down Arrow
  • Go to the next month: Alt+Page Down
  • Go to the previous day: Ctrl+Left Arrow
  • Go to previous week: Alt+Up Arrow
  • Go to previous month: Alt+Page Up
  • Go to the start of the week: Alt+Home
  • Go to the end of the week: Alt+End
  • Switch to full week view: Alt+Minus Sign or Ctrl+Alt+3

Our calendars help organize our lives so we at Pendello Solutions hope that these shortcuts become shortcuts to a more organized life. Hopefully you will try these shortcuts out to see if they help make your time in your Outlook Calendar more efficient! Our team of Business Technology Associates are experts on shortcuts, but not cutting corners, so reach out to our team for help learning more about secure business efficiencies

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