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September is traditionally an exciting month for Apple and Apple addicts. The Apple new product release this week was similar to years past and did not disappoint. This shining light came through as the uplifting news that 2020 needed. The spotlight this year had a much needed focus on health and affordability. I think we all can agree that affordability and health is a breath of fresh air that we all are craving. The newly released products included fitness, health monitoring and power without a hefty price.


New Apple Watch Series 6

  • Elevation changes: The Apple Watch Series 6 now can report elevation changes in real-time which is a huge bonus for the hikers out there
  • Silicone Band: For ultimate watch comfort during whatever activity you are attempting, there now is a clasp-less silicone band. No buckles or clasps that can impede any movement.
  • Blood Oxygen Levels: Through a new application on the Apple Watch 6, Oxygen saturation can be tracked and trended. Giving you a perspective on how your lungs handle specific workouts.
  • Always-on Screen: A much-anticipated change to the Apple Watch is the always-on screen. The clock will be viewable at any time, not just when it is lifted at the correct angle or tapped.



Apple Watch 6


Apple Fitness+

Move over, Peleton. The new Apple Fitness+ application can now play workouts on your phone.

  • Track your data: Live during the workout, your watch will send heart rate and calories burned to the screen on your phone making it viewable throughout the workout.
  • Fitness Suggestions: In addition to intuitive filtering that includes workout type, trainers, duration, and music, there is also a custom recommendation engine that suggests the most effective workout for you.
  • Affordable Pricing: Plus, it is only $9.99/month or $79.99/year






Eighth Generation iPad

  • $329: The big thing here is the price. At $329, this makes an incredibly affordable iPad.
  • Fast and Powerful: Apple leveled the playing field with this 10.2-inch screen by equipping it with an A12 chip, making it a just as powerful as it is affordable.
  • Improved Battery life: This new iPad has a battery that will last all-day
  • Improved camera and display: The developers did not skimp here, this iPad has advanced cameras and a Retina display.
  • It's Here: The new affordable iPad is available Friday, September 18




New Apple products always create a buzz. These Apple announcements are no different and with valid reason. With health and affordability as a theme, these will most definitely be well-received during a thoroughly rough year. If your business is ready to emerge from the 2020 darkness, contact our Pendello Team. Our experienced team is standing by and can give you a lead on the competition through security and efficiency.

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