Happy 64th Birthday, Hard Drives


“If you don’t know where you’ve come from. You don’t know where you’re going.” This quote by Maya Angelou was not explicitly quoted regarding technology, although the relevancy is powerful. Technology progresses exponentially, and so to understand how far we have come, we need to understand where we began. This week, in 1956, the very first commercial hard drive was released. It was the IBM 350 Disk Storage Unit Model 1, and it was the size of two refrigerators. This ground-breaking technology weighed around a ton and could store about 4-5 megabytes of data. Today, a device the size of an old compact disk case can hold over 10 Terabytes of data. That is over 1,000,000 times the storage of the originally released hard drive. Although hard drives aren’t as vital as they used to be now that we have cloud storage, it is an essential piece of history to learn where we came from and where we are today.


1956 Hard drive


A hard drive can be an internal or external device that stores data. This storage unit not only keeps documents and pictures but also holds the code that allows your computer’s operating system to function on your computer. Storage is an integral part of technology, and until recently, Hard drives were the only real storage devices. Today, in addition to hard drives, we have cloud storage. Cloud storage still relies on hard drives within massive data centers, but the difference is that the storage size can be increased to fit your changing needs.

Hard drive storage technology has truly evolved. The technology started as magnetic tape, which soon became metal magnetic disks that could be rewritten. Then came the game-changing size of the floppy disks, although this technology was read/write only. This leads to today when we have small external hard drives that can be rewritten time and time again with capabilities to hold massive amounts of data for around $100. If you compare today’s hard drive with that of 1956, you can see just how far we have come. From this, you can only imagine how much we can evolve past today.


2020 Hard drive


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