How Strong is Your Password?

Nist 2020 guidelines recommend that you have at least eight characters in your passwords. That is beneficial, but only if the characters in your passwords are effective. Over 80% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by bad passwords. Knowing the substantial criteria to create a valid password is essential to keeping a powerful front-line of defense in the face of cybercrimes. Today we are going to take a look at what are the "Dos" and "Don'ts" for strong passwords.


To understand how to create a secure password, let’s first look at what NOT to do.


Business man looking at wall with a bright question mark concept



These are the worst of the worst passwords

  • Showing your team spirit is great for team morale but not suitable for a secure password.
  • We all wanna rock but taking cues from music doesn’t help the security of your passwords.
  • Cartoons and Superheros are fun but don’t make for quality choices for passwords.
  • In addition to using cliché passwords, there are a few other tips to consider when creating passwords.
  • Don’t use sequential, iterated, recycled, or simple passwords.



Now that we understand what not to do now for what we should Do…

  • Use phrases for passwords
  • If allowed, use spaces in passwords.
  • Use secure password vaults like LastPass.
  • Increase phishing training to create a strong front-line of defense
  • Use Multifactor authentication: Two identifiers are always better than one.
  • Make sure you have a team monitoring the Dark Web.
  • The faster you react to threats, the better chance your company has to mitigate them thoroughly.
  • Sensitive personal and company data may be circulating even if there hasn’t been a breach, and passwords may already be compromised.
  • Third-party breaches are a danger to your data and systems.

Strong passwords are a must but are not the end-all of cybersecurity. Your business needs a dedicated team that can constantly monitor your position on the dark web, scrutinize any and all weak spots in your technology environment and is on top of all the changes in cybersecurity. Pendello Solution's experienced team is ready to help your business take your security to the next level. Call your Pendello team today and let us show you the path to a secure environment.