Open Path: A Secure Yet Simple Keyless Option

In most offices these days, the amount of data maintained is astronomical. This is the reason why data security is one of our highest priorities at Pendello Solutions. To combat a breach of the multitude of sensitive data, we train to be vigilant, back up, encrypt and use multifactor authentication among many other tactics. But what happens if anyone can walk in your front door? In our new Pendello Solutions office, we took this risk seriously. We thoroughly researched what would be the most secure yet straightforward tool for building access. In our research, we found that Open Path fulfilled both of our primary goals. It also provided a great deal of real-time data, and as you all know, we love data!

Key cards, traditional keys, and pins can unfortunately be duplicated, lost, stolen, shared, and compromised. They can be an absolute security nightmare. This is why Open Path is a quintessential resource for building access. Open Path is a building access system that offers hands-free, multifactor authentication through a smartphone application. You get the power to select the level of security. You are even able to choose different levels of protection for different times of the day and different employees. For added security, you can choose to allow for biometric (fingerprint) security and facial recognition by using the abilities which are already built into the smartphone. All while still having the ability to monitor all entries in real-time.

A typical reader, being the device that is physically at the door, can pose security issues. Many of these readers store information which causes a threat of breached data. The Open Path door reader does not store any sensitive information; instead, all data is stored in the cloud. All information going to and from the cloud is fully encrypted and can even sync offline, which allows the device to work even without power.

Open Path has solved many of the issues with our new building security. If you would like to know how this system could assist your office, give our team a call! We would love to show you how it works in our office setting and give you our feedback on how we feel it could support your office security.

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