Curved Monitors Mean Better Efficiency

Options. Who doesn’t love options? This is why when selecting new monitors for our new Pendello Solutions office, we picked Samsung’s 36-inch curved monitors. Large monitors are not a new phenomenon, although one which allows so much customization is something new. Much like most of you, no day at Pendello Solutions is the same. Every client is different, and every problem which arises requires a different solution. Our new Samsung curved monitors give us the power to concentrate on one massive screen or have six screens in view at one time. These monitors put the power in each individual’s hand to have complete control over the desktop and the variability to modify as you change tasks.

The 36-inch Samsung curved monitor allows each user to break the screen into 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 screens. This customization will enable you to minimize distractions while focusing on one large screen or comfortably compare and contrast without having to open and close multiple screens. It has been found that efficiency improves by 33% with a second monitor. Just think of how efficient you could be with six monitors but only when you wanted six monitors. These new monitors give you the control to work the way each task requires without having to change out equipment or clutter your environment.


Samsung monitor

This simple and cost-effective change in our new office has made a massive difference in not only efficiencies but also aesthetics. Seeing less clutter with only one monitor on every desk has been a breath of fresh air. Give our Pendello Solutions Team a call today or drop by! We’d love to give you our feedback on this modest new transformation.

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