New Space = New Technology

Some of you may be aware that Pendello Solutions recently moved offices. With the new space, we took the opportunity to try out some new technologies. A few of these cool new devices will be our blog focus for September. One of these devices in our office, the Intel Compute Stick, is an accurate representation of how far technology has come. The Intel Compute Stick is a computer that is the same size as an Altoids box. (See image below)

The Intel Compute stick is a perfect example of Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law is a theory whose origin dates back around the early 1970s. It is the “rule” that processor speed and power will double every 18 months. In non-technical terms, computers will become at least twice as fast every 18 months. To take this into today’s standards, the computers are becoming at least twice as fast every 18 months while getting smaller and much more affordable.

To put this in perspective, a computer which was built in 1970 that initially cost $5000 would now cost around $5. The reason for this obviously isn’t inflation but rapid increase in knowledge advancement and competition in the industry. As a whole, the industry is continually increasing the power of technology while reducing its size; making last year’s model less and less expensive. As quickly as we can become comfortable with a technology, it grows out of date just as fast. Our introduction of this Law isn’t to terrify you that your tools are out of date. Instead, to show you how much we have to grow. As technologies continually get faster and smaller, it allows us a plethora of new opportunities to push the limits of what these technologies can do.

Within our own office space at Pendello Solutions, we are testing these limits as to give your office a tried and true technology which is way ahead of the curve. As mans need for advancement continues, so will technology. Contact our Pendello team of Business Technology Associates today and let us show you what fresh new advancements can help your business. Let our team show you how with technology, your office can stay ahead of the curve.


Intel Computer Stick and Altoids



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