LaMetric, It’s Much More Than a Clock

The smart, customizable dashboard for your life.

At first glance, LaMetric just looks like a typical desk speaker that displays the time, but it is all that and a bag of chips! LaMetric is a dashboard for your business and personal life! With its free app, you can customize it to keep you updated on what is important to you! There indeed are endless options on what can be downloaded.

LaMetric is unique as it offers a personalized dashboard for your life which gives you easy status updates on what is important to you in a way that isn’t intrusive. For someone who is not interested or necessarily doesn’t need updates from outside sources, this device may seem like a novelty. But, coming from a position where we are continually following security updates to social media followers, this device encompasses an incredible time saver for our daily lives.


LaMetric not only is useful but is also incredibly user-friendly. The setup is as simple as turning it on, downloading the app to your phone and syncing it up with your wi-fi connection. From here the possibilities are endless. In fact, if there is not an app that can send you the update you want, you are able to create one for yourself as anyone can register to be a developer with LaMetric. Additionally, the functionality goes beyond apps as the device also supports Alexa, SmartThings, and IFTTT. Like earlier stated, the possibilities are truly endless.


Here at Pendello, we love technology that can securely make your life easier and LaMetric definitely falls into that category! If you are interested in streamlining your business contact our incredible team at Pendello Solutions! And if you want to win a LaMetric, email us at and tell us your favorite smart device that saves you time!!





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