Being Tardy to The Party Sometimes is Best


Dot-coms that were just before their time

Ever had a great idea and before you realize it, someone else has already made it a reality? Well, these companies were the first to bring it to the market during the dot-com boom and sadly they were just way too early to the party. Timing is everything, and usually the first to market wins out; unfortunately, these dot-coms were just too forward thinking for their time. Now, their original ideas are killing it! Take a look at one of the few times forward-thinking was at fault… and

Both of these companies had a great deal of backing for their idea of an online currency. They both wanted to create a currency that could be used online instead of using credit cards. Floors and Beenz, unfortunately, proved that old-school credit card companies were here to stay! Fast forward almost twenty years, and we have Paypal, Apple Pay and even Venmo. These companies took this idea but didn’t attempt to get rid of credit cards instead, made it a more convenient choice for online and personal payment through credit card and bank accounts.

Absolutely ingenious is what these entrepreneurs were. Unfortunately, this fantastic idea of an online grocery store was run into the ground by being a bit too big for their own britches. Instead of the current online grocery shopping trends (Instacart, Amazon, and Walmart ) using already existing grocery stores and warehouses, Webvan attempted to build their own and way too early. Great idea, sadly just poorly executed.

An online pet seems crazy that this didn’t work, but the public wasn't ready for online pet supplies but still loved the cute dog puppet. The mascot was a hit at Parades and on Super Bowl commercials, but no one wanted to wait on their pet food and shipping put this company under in a whopping nine months. Nowadays, consumers are having their pet food shipped in as if it were the only option! Chewy, Amazon, and even Costco are delivering pet food in an hour to two days!

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