2018, The Year of Flip Phones Not the Dog


We all know that we need to disconnect from our beloved technology. There are many researched and documented reasons why and although we can all view those outcomes differently we cannot deny that even though technology can help us in most of our daily lives, we all need to step away periodically. I think Anne Lamott said it best, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” The challenge is, where do we start? I personally love the new trend of flip phones and how they can help spark the adventure of disconnecting.

Flip Phones, you may ask?? Well did you know that 67% mobile device owners check their phones for messages, alerts or calls even when the phone isn’t ringing or vibrating and these checks happen on average every 6 ½ minutes? So, what if you could only receive or make phone calls and didn’t have access to all the data that a smartphone holds. Reveal, the old school flip or block phone. Some manufacturers have even gone as far as only to allow ten phone numbers to be stored on their phones to make for even more disconnection. These phones work with your original phone number so if there is an emergency, the office can get a hold of you but it is an excellent place to start!

Now you may ask, why would I want to carry a flip phone when I know that I could have my incredible iPhone? Well did you know that the majority of great ideas came from moments when people were wholly disconnected and were not trying to think up a great idea? Powering down has been proven to help remove bad personal thoughts, the anxiety of FOMO and allow you to actually see the life that is happening right before your eyes! These are the moments when great ideas are able to fester! Not the times when you’re knee-deep in a spreadsheet and dabbling in a little Facebook scanning! Disconnecting actually helps you reconnect with yourself which can in return help you think more clearly and maybe even be a better person. And, let’s be honest, we all could strive to be better people.

So, whether you’re just wanting to join the new #DeleteFacebook protest or just want to better yourself and/or your family, check out a few of these "new" Trendy Old School Phones! (Even Kim Kardashian has one.) But when you are connected, don’t forget to give our incredible team at Pendello Solutions a call. They can help you find the security and efficiency that will allow you the time and peace of mind to take disconnecting to the next level and get away on your dream vacation.


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