Understanding Managed IT Services

How does the managed IT model work? 

When you examine how managed IT works, its advantages over the old break-fix model become clear. Instead of incurring unpredictable repair bills and suffering downtime when you encounter a problem, you get the ongoing support of technology experts who want your business to be more successful. In fact, their own success depends on it. Rather than trying to increase the value of individual sales, managed IT providers must develop mutually beneficial relationships with the businesses they work with. Positioning the client business for success ultimately generates a dramatically better payoff for both client and provider. 

Expert Guidance & Support 

Managed IT providers are industry experts. This enables them to select and implement the very best solutions for your specific needs and budget. While it’s true that with some savvy shopping you can buy all the same pieces of technology elsewhere, it would require a lot of research, and you would be hard pressed to find a discount retailer that will work with you to provide you with a technology package that's tailored to meet your needs in an all-in-one turnkey solution.Additionally, very few solutions are configured to best practice on day one.  They must be configured, monitored and continually actioned to ensure everything is working in coordination for the best outcome. 

Simplified IT Budgeting 

Managed IT changes the way you spend money and budget for your company's technology. The cost of making repairs to your broken technology is traditionally a capital expense that's difficult to budget for, since it's impossible to predict when computers will break down. Managed IT service shifts these costs into a predictable flat-rate monthly fee that you can budget around. 

Anyone familiar with budgeting will recognize that this is a move from a capital expenditure to an operating expense. This gives you a more accurate forecast of your bottom line, which will give you more opportunities to leverage your margin to help you capture a larger market share. 

System Reliability 

While simplifying your budget, managed IT services also provide maintenance and monitoring of your company's technology. This helps ensure all your servers and workstations continue running at optimum levels. Continual monitoring and regular maintenance help decrease the risk of cyberattack and minimize expensive downtime. 

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships 

At Pendello Solutions, everything we do is to help businesses perform more effectively and efficiently. We love helping our clients do what they care about better. We take the time and effort to get to know each of our clients and their business needs so we can tailor custom solutions that fuel their success. 

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