April Showers Bring May Flowers and a Microsoft Rebrand


We have spent a significant portion of this year breaking down the differences between Office 365 and Microsoft 365. The similar names are confusing, and it is challenging to decipher the differences between the applications. Thankfully, Microsoft was aware of the confusion and is gearing up for a grand rebrand on April 21st. Now, these products will have the same encompassing Microsoft 365 umbrella. The hope is that this rebrand will ease the confusion and simplify the choice of which application is right for you. Active with this rebrand are not just name changes, but additional tools. These tools will be brought to you by Microsoft’s smart and intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Effective, April 21st, 2020, these names will be changing with no price changes taking place:

Office 365 Business Essentials will be Microsoft 365 Business Basic

Office 365 Business Premium will be Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Microsoft 365 Business will be Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Office 365 Business and Office ProPlus will both now be Microsoft 365 Apps with the additions of “for business” and “for enterprise” to distinguish between the two applications.



With these new names, comes even more productivity...

  • Word is now getting a new and improved Editor. This application uses AI to create a “Grammarly” experience without having to leave Word or Outlook to receive grammar and refinement tips. This new addition can help you write with clarity and conciseness while keeping your original message. It can also check for plagiarism and help you site appropriately.
  • PowerPoint is getting a new and improved Coach. By using AI, this trainer can help to make you an even better presenter by giving you real-time feedback and tips while you practice your presentations.
  • New to Teams, you’ll be able to add a personal account. This will allow you to use Teams like messenger but with the bonus of collaboration and organization tools already available in the software.
  • Outlook can now link your personal calendar to your work calendar. This will allow you to show accurate availability within your work calendar while still maintaining privacy regarding the details or your meetings and appointments.
  • Family Safety App is an entirely new experience for Microsoft customers. No longer will you need to use multiple screen-time apps and location services to help your family stay safe online and in the physical world. This mobile application will be available for iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Xbox. It can help you manage screen time as well as share locations all in the same application.


You can get all of this and a bag of chips! Well, not actually a bag of chips, but all these additions are available without a price increase on the current product lineup. So, sit back and relax and get ready for the rebrand. All these changes are a benefit to Microsoft customers, so finally, something in our lives not to fret over. April 21st, 2020 is the date these changes go into effect. Reach out to our Pendello Solutions team today for any additional clarification. We can make sure your current setup is exactly what you need to succeed securely and efficiently.