Staying Safe On Video Conferences

Congratulations to everyone out there. You have most likely been working remotely for three weeks and hopefully settling into a new “normal” workday. Part of that new “normal” workday for most of us has been a plethora of video conferences. We have made a drastic change from audio-only conference calls to now getting to regularly see what people wear when they work from home. Also with this change, we are finding out that these applications may not have been as secure as we expected. While Zoom works on these issues fervently, here are a few tips to keep your meetings safer.

As we all hunker down and stay home to help prevent the spread of this horrendous disease, here are a few essential tips to keep your new “normal” meetings safer. Even though it was Zoom that was in the news regarding these security and privacy issues, these tips should be considered universal tips to use with all virtual conference platforms.


  • Only share MeetingIDs with guests. Never post MeetingIDs publicly.
  • Use a unique MeetingID for every meeting. This setting will also prevent up-coming meeting attendees from accidentally joining the incorrect meeting when a meetings run late.
  • Require a password for all meetings. No matter the size or sensitivity of the meeting, create a unique password. Hackers are using number generators to find an open meeting and will join as a guest.
  • Be aware and keep tabs on who is joining the meeting. If a guest can not be identified, immediately remove them from the meeting.
  • Be very cautious of any links in Video chats. Hackers are joining meetings and attaching malicious links in the chat. The link severity has been across the board, but some have gone as far as to steal your windows credentials. Remind your guests of this danger as it is inevitable in large meetings or webinars that someone will click on the link.


As we discussed last week, in these times of uncertainty, criminals will prey on the vulnerabilities. Don’t find yourself as one of the victims. Stay vigilant and reach out to your Pendello Solutions team of experts for any advice on how to help keep your meetings and your business secure. While we all stay home to keep our front-line safe, make sure you are also staying as safe as possible!