What are the benefits of the cloud?

Transitioning from traditional in-house servers to an environment leveraging cloud capabilities – like hybrid cloud, cloud servers or a fully serverless environment – enhances the performance, scalability, security of your technology. Physical servers require capital investment, hardware maintenance, take up valuable space, and are less agile than their modern cloud counterpart.

Physical or Legacy Servers

Cloud-Based Servers

Expensive Hardware and Energy Usage

From initial hardware purchases to continuous maintenance and replacements, physical servers can rack up costs quick. Hosting your servers on site also requires significant power which drives up energy costs.

Physical Dependence

Many small to medium size business (SMBs) don’t have space to spare. Physical servers require a fixed location, take up valuable space and can hinder remote work flexibility.

Disruptive Downtime

Hardware failures aren’t usually a quick fix and can cause extensive downtime. This is due to availability of replacement parts and the need for outages to repair or replace the hardware.

Our Approach to
Technology & Cloud Services

The Strategic Technology Model

Pendello utilizes a comprehensive approach to IT and cloud solutions called The Strategic Technology Model. We go beyond simply supporting your technology by providing strategic guidance to help you discover the right cloud solution for your business. Our approach continuously cycles through three critical steps: asses, implement, and evolve.

Step 1


We assess your current server infrastructure and identify the best server strategy for your business.



Three Tiers of Cloud Solutions

Whether you need to migrate your business to the cloud or adopt a serverless solution, Pendello helps you discover, implement, and manage the right environment solution for your business.


Tier 1: Hybrid Cloud

Transition from traditional physical servers to a virtualized environment that allows you to create secure environments with less physical hardware and improved performance and the ability to scale.

Artboard 6

Tier 2: Cloud Servers

Remove all physical, on-premise servers and transition completely to the cloud for faster, scalable, cost-effective solutions for your remote and in person offices.

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Tier 3: Serverless Environment

Adopt the most advanced environment solutions with a serverless strategy that is flexible, best suits remote and in person work forces, and secure.

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