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Is your business prepared for the unexpected?

The United States Small Business Association estimates that following a disaster, 25% of small businesses will never reopen. Even if your insurance covers some of the costs of a disruptive event, it cannot replace business lost during the process. With the right business continuity and disaster recovery solutions in place, we can help you ensure that unexpected setbacks don’t lead to permanent failure.

Without Proper Business Continuity Planning

With Proper Business Continuity Planning

Significant Financial Risk

Natural disasters, cyberattacks, and other unexpected events pose a huge risk to the financial stability of your business. Losing valuable hours (or even days) of operation after a disaster happens when you don’t have an adequate disaster recovery plan in place for your technology and other critical systems.

Major Data Loss

Physical damage, power outages, email hacks, and more can impact critical business documents and data. Your data can be lost forever, difficult to recover, or stolen from you in a way that prohibits or limits operability and damages your business’s reputation.

Extensive Downtime

Experiencing a technology disaster can leave you scrambling to piece everything back together without proper data backup and recovery plan in place. Like mentioned above, the more downtime you experience because of unpreparedness means greater financial loss and a challenging recovery.

Our Approach to
Technology & Business Continuity Planning

The Strategic Technology Model

Pendello utilizes a comprehensive approach to IT and Business Continuity Planning that we call The Strategic Technology Model. We continuously evaluate and monitor your business systems to protect your data from any disaster – from server damage to email breaches. Our approach cycles through three critical steps: asses, implement, and evolve.

Step 1


Analyze your current Business Continuity Plan and identify gaps in your recovery solutions and capabilities.



Our Account Backup & Disaster Recovery Package

Pendello helps you develop a business continuity plan and recovery strategies for all your business systems, applications, and data, including networks, servers, computers, wireless devices, and connectivity. We’ll ensure that your recovery strategies are evaluated and tested so that your business is safeguarded from lost revenue, a damaged reputation, regulatory penalties, or even closure.

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Business Continuity Planning

Conduct a business analysis to identify critical functions and the resources that support them – then determine gaps between your business’s recovery requirements and current capabilities.

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Account Backup and Data Recovery Set Up

Organize a business continuity plan and conduct training, testing, and exercises to evaluate your recovery strategies

Don’t wait until it’s too late to implement a business continuity plan.

Without a business continuity plan and recovery strategy in place, your business is vulnerable. Let Pendello prepare your business for the unexpected.

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