Why Annoying Password Aren’t Really Annoying


Unless you have been living off the grid for the past year, you have heard of the massive increase in cybercrimes. One of the easiest ways for a hacker to get into your computer is by guessing your password. Think your password is secure? Are you aware that it takes less than 2 seconds to crack a simple 7-character password? Or that it takes only 13-hours to crack a simple 10-character password. But it takes a seasoned hacker over 10-centuries to hack a 12-character password that includes a space. So how do you keep your data as save as possible by creating a solid password?

Pendello Solutions takes security very seriously. We know the stats and know just how easily data can be hacked. Our team is also aware of how treacherous a breach can be to you and your clients. A recent study by IBM found that a current security breach cost a company an average of $7.9 million. This is why we recommend stringent password requirements.

Pendello Solution’s Minimum Password Standards:

  • 12 characters (spaces encouraged)
  • Utilize a phrase (spaces encouraged, crazy characters optional)
  • Ensure your Email password is different than all other accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Dropbox, bank accounts, credit cards, and online shopping sites
  • Make sure your password is not a common password (e.g., Password1, P@$$word! – click here for more ineffective password options)


These standards may seem like a hassle but is this minor inconvenience worth $7.9 million or even your entire business? A security breach has the potential to cost you everything, so a quick password change hopefully won’t seem so annoying. For any assistance changing your password, or to better understand the current security risks, contact your technology team at Pendello Solutions.


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