Apple Announced a Few New Players

We now have new air, a pro, and a mini!

Last week, in Brooklyn, New York, Apple held its hardware event where they announced their Mac and iPad news. As always, Apple’s releases are exciting, and a few heavily requested updates were met! The announcements included a new and improved Mac Book Air, the return of the Mac Mini and an iPad Pro.

New Mac Book Air:

The MacBook Air is a fan favorite and is sure to continue being so with the new additions. This new model got a 13.3-inch Retina display that Apple fans have been requesting. It also got a third-generation butterfly keyboard, Touch ID, louder built-in speakers and is even thinner than before!

Mac Mini

The Mac Mini, now with up to five-times the processing speed, has made its return. This version looks pretty similar to the older version from 4 years ago but is definitely new and improved. It can support up to 64GB RAM or can utilize all-flash storage for up to 2TB SSD. It also comes with ports out the wazoo which include two USB-A, four Thunderbolt/USB-C, and an Ethernet port. To say it is improved is an understatement!

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro precisely answers Apple’s vision on a touch-screen computer. It is bigger, lighter and embodies a display that is as good if not better than the iPhone XR. Additionally, the ipad Pro has a new invisible Face ID, a magnetic, wireless-charging pencil, a new keyboard folio case and comes in either a 12.9inch or 11inch display!

What does all of this mean? Apple’s devices are continuing to get cooler and cooler. If you are in to cooler, faster, smarter and thinner go out and preorder! What it also means, is that the slightly older but almost equally cool Apple devices are even cheaper! So, pick your poison and go shopping! As always, if you have any questions regarding these devices or the plethora of fantastic technology out there, contact your favorite team of technology specialists at Pendello Solutions! They know about the cool stuff before it even happens

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