Step Into The New Year Cyber-Ready

As we near 2021, I hope you rejoice in the ending of a challenging year and eagerly step toward a year with more light and promise. We have seen significant advancements in technology throughout 2020 with the immediate need to change the way we live and work. In addition to the significant advances, we unfortunately have also seen cybercrimes spike. We are all thrilled to shed this current year and move past it, although we need to make sure we are stepping into 2021 educated and ready to take on the imminent threat of cybercrimes. Now is the time to ready ourselves to be educated, secure, and cyber-ready.


How are the cyber-attacks happening?

Compromised credentials are becoming more and more common. As you can see below, most breaches are happening because of a credential that has been exposed. All it takes is one employee to unknowingly hand over the keys to your entire network. Cyber-criminals have many different avenues to facilitate a successful attack, and we are all at risk.







Where do we need to be vigilant?

The answer to that question is everywhere. Your employees are creating accounts on many different types of third-party websites. They are using their work email addresses and often the same password, or some variation of a password, for these accounts. Once the third-party website is breached, cybercriminals can test passwords that they obtain on other, more dangerous websites. Another important note, previous employees can also pose a severe risk if their passwords on any of these accounts are still active.


DarkWebID Breaches


It would be best if you went in with the assumption that everyone has been compromised and credentials have already been exposed. The goal is preventing the breach, which means ensuring that you have visibility into cyber risk and controlling what you can control internally. Making sure the right people have accurate, secure access is necessary. Then, to take it a step further, we must make sure our people are using the correct privileges and then ultimately monitoring that compromise exposure.



Is the Dark Web Real?

Not only is the Dark Web real, but it also pays well. If you want proof that the Dark Web exists, how about the fact that an experienced software engineer can easily earn $762,000 per year. If you think that the Dark Web is going to go away, you’re kidding yourself. Turning expereinced engineers toward the Dark-side is much easier when offering that type of paycheck.

Still think the Dark Web is a myth? Below are two screenshots of actual sites on the Dark Web. Both illegally targeting businesses…


Dark Web Company Credit Card



DarkWeb Company Data


There is significant data out there proving the need to be cyber-ready. As you end this year, make sure you are setting your business up for success in the New Year. Now is the time to plan and prioritize security in your office. Contact your Pendello Solutions team today and let us help you develop the right cybersecurity readiness plan to keep your company on the up and up.

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