Pandemic Aid and Unemployment Scams

We are nearing an entire year of living with a global pandemic. Some things now seem normal, and most have gotten accustomed to working and living with our new constraints. Although, even when things start to feel normal, we still have a great deal of uncertainty surrounding many processes. One of these uncertainties is the process of receiving unemployment or stimulus money. Because there is so much money to be applied for with such great urgency, cybercriminals are taking full advantage of this easy paycheck. These attempts are paying up to $20,000 per successful attempt. A payout this large urges the cybercriminals not to worry about the extra work and are cashing in on our identities. How will you stay safe?
With the need to get the American people the aid they need as quickly as possible, security measures have been relaxed. This urgency means fewer restrictions and verifications that the individual applying is who they claim to be. Hackers are aware of this and are taking advantage of this opportunity to steal your identity or cash in on an identity they possess from an earlier data breach. You must remain diligent in cybersecurity practices to keep your identity safe.

How can we be diligent?

  • Do not ever pay to file for pandemic relief or unemployment.
  • Pandemic relief or unemployment benefits can not be “won."
  • Ensure your IT company is monitoring the Dark Web for breached credentials
  • Monitor your credit report frequently.
  • Report anything that does not feel right, especially if it seems too good to be true.

Although the government agencies are working to develop more robust measures to prevent these crimes by requiring more verification, there is a great deal of money to be secured. The cybercriminals will continue going after the money as long as they are successful. Reach out to our Pendello Solutions team to ensure your company and your identity are as safe as they can be.