Microsoft Teams, Why Don’t I See Nine Participants?

Last month, we announced, with elated excitement, that Microsoft Teams would be releasing an update that will include an even more interactive virtual meeting experience. With our love for all things Teams, this was the news we were waiting to hear. With the ability to view nine participants on a Teams call, this enabled even more secure and efficient collaboration during our “Work from Home” stent. We were and still are jumping with joy over this announcement. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the announcement to be fulfilled.



Microsoft 9 Participants


We appreciate the fact that Microsoft takes the necessary time to release a genuinely viable solution, although, with our current work situation, this solution would be helpful. Microsoft Teams has the security and collaboration we need during not only our “work from home” stent but also as we try to safely and effectively navigate reopening our offices. The increase in viewable participants on Teams would make it the go-to choice for virtual meetings for most small businesses.

As always, we will keep you updated on any changes or additions to this release. But for now, we will cross our fingers, tap our heels, and wish on a shooting star that this update happens sooner rather than later. Microsoft 365 has helped our clients make simple transitions during COVID-19 and so we are eager to see how this new addition could make the transition for some moving back into the office even more efficient.

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