Microsoft 365 Q & A

As we have discussed over the past few weeks, Microsoft 365 and all that it includes can be quite confusing. It consists of all things Office 365 and so much more. We have given you verbal and visual descriptions of how the two products are similar and how they are different. We’ve broken down many of the essential terminologies as it is used and referenced. Now that you hopefully have a better understanding of the two Microsoft offerings let’s break down the barriers even farther and answer a few of the more commonly asked questions regarding Microsoft 365.

Q. What is Microsoft 365?

A. In a nutshell, Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution for small to medium-sized businesses that includes productivity tools, security, and device management. (For a more in-depth description click here)


Q. How much does Microsoft Business 365 cost

A. Microsoft 365 Business costs $20.00 per month per user.


Q. Can I purchase all the Microsoft 365 components separately?

A. Most of the components, yes. But purchasing them individually is considerably less cost-effective.


Q. Can I combine Microsoft 365 Business with other Microsoft subscription offerings?

A. Yes, you can combine plans and add-ons like Microsoft Audio Conferencing and Azure Active Directory.


Q. Is there a cap on how many Microsoft 365 Business seats a customer can have?

A. Yes. Microsoft 365 Business is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Customers can purchase up to 300 Microsoft 365 Business licenses for their organization.


Q. Is everyone in my organization required to have a Microsoft 365 Business license?

A. No. It is not a requirement to have a Microsoft 365 Business license, although anyone without a license would not have access to the security and management benefits included in Microsoft 365 Business.


Q. How does Microsoft 365 Business protect my PC from malicious attacks?

A. Microsoft 365 Business includes Windows Defender, which is a powerful antivirus feature on Windows 10 that protects against viruses, spyware, malware, and many other threats.


Q. Can you manage Macs with Microsoft 365 Business?

A. Yes. Intune securely manages iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS devices.


Q. How many versions of Microsoft 365 are available?

A.Three: Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft 365 Enterprise, and Microsoft 365 Education. There are also some sub-categories within each.

Q. How much storage do I get with OneDrive with Microsoft 365 Business?

A. Microsoft 365 Business includes 1 Terabyte of OneDrive storage.


Q. Can I access my OneDrive documents when offline?

A. Yes, you can access OneDrive documents when offline through the selective sync functionality.

Hopefully, with this week’s blog, we have covered your most burning Microsoft 365 questions. If you still have questions on Microsoft 365 and Office 365, continue to follow our blogs. Next week we will be breaking down how to decide which offering is most beneficial for you and your office environment. Reach out to our Pendello team today and let us break down what you are currently using in your office and whether a change may be what you need to take your office to the next level.