Is Microsoft 365 right for you?


In the past few weeks, we have explored all things Microsoft 365. We have broken down the terminology, product differences, pricing, and common questions and answers. Based on all that we have reviewed, it is time to give you the details of how to decide if it is the correct product for your office. Today we will break down the three major deciding factors of how to determine if Microsoft 365 is the right option for your office.



If the deciding factor is between Office 365 with "add-ons" or Microsoft 365, the decision is a no-brainer. The cost would be considerably more to do an "add-on" package vs. going with Microsoft 365. Besides, you would not be able to utilize many of the vital portions of Microsoft 365.

Now, if you are comparing hosting your hardware vs. utilizing Microsoft 365 as a server-less environment, Microsoft 365 will typically be more cost-effective or close to even. Once you include the cost to purchase with all necessary updates, patches, and adequately maintained hardware, the time and expenses can be more extensive when compared with Microsoft 365, which includes all of these updates and maintenance in the monthly subscription.

Mobile Workforce

If you have a team that needs access to their data, any time, from anywhere and from any device, Microsoft 365 is the Easy button. Microsoft 365 easily allows your team secure access to all data just as if they were in the office.

Minimal Infrastructure

If your office does not need to host any significant applications physically, then Microsoft 365 might be right for you. If your current office situation is primarily fileshare and a domain, then Microsoft 365 can easily wrap many of your technology needs into one effective offering.

If any or all of the above factors sound like your office environment, Microsoft 365 may be for you. Reach out to our Pendello Team today, and let us help you decipher the barriers. We can inform you what your office is currently using and help you decide if Microsoft 365 is what your office needs to succeed.