Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways: A Comprehensive Modern Day Clippy

If you were using Microsoft Office in 1997, you hopefully remember Clippy. The adorable personal assistant who looked like a Paperclip. Some found him endearing, others found him outright annoying. Clippy’s primary purpose in life was to offer tips and suggestions to help you learn the different components of Microsoft Office. He sadly only made it a short four years, but luckily, Microsoft has developed a much more comprehensive and less intrusive replacement for Clippy. This application, which was introduced at the 2019 Microsoft SharePoint conference last month, is called 365 Learning Pathways.

In a nutshell, 365 Learning Pathways is a customizable, continually updating, on-demand training solution for any and all questions regarding Microsoft 365 and can even include partnering programs and information. You, as an organization, get to select what content you would like available and create unique training pathways to meet the needs of your business. All learning content is available within Microsoft’s online content catalog which you can blend in any way that best fits your company’s needs while resting assured that it is always current and representing the newest product features and most viable information. Clippy would be so proud knowing that he has been replaced by the most comprehensive help desk in the industry.

For more information on 365 Learning Pathways and the other exciting SharePoint applications that were released last month at the 2019 Microsoft SharePoint conference, follow our June Pendello Blogs. We will be touching on a few of the exciting announcements from Microsoft SharePoint. As always, reach out to our Pendello Team with any questions on how to utilize these applications to help you do your job better!

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