365 Homesites, Turning Houses Into Homes

One of the exciting announcements from last month’s Microsoft SharePoint conference is that Microsoft will soon be releasing Homesites. Homesites will be a fully customizable homepage where the existence of your SharePoint contents will reside. To fully understand the impact that this addition will have, we need to understand the current view of a SharePoint page. To begin, SharePoint is essentially your company’s internal communication site, which is referred to as an intranet. This is where you find all of your saved documents and files. Up until this point, your SharePoint site was fairly generic and not exactly pretty or easily navigable. It essentially is a simple page with a list of files. Understandably, we are beyond excited about this announcement. Now, anyone who currently uses the Microsoft SharePoint Intranet will be able to customize their Intranet “Homepage,” creating an aesthetically pleasing homepage with your company’s voice and branding.

This exciting change to Homesites will allow for your SharePoint “Homepage” to include customized news, content, events, and videos all with your own personal “voice.” You select personalized organizational communication targeted for a group or all employees while having a beautiful and engaging homepage. The practical side of Homesites is that you will have an easily navigable site with all of your Microsoft data. This will allow for every employee to be able to have the same look and feel of your business environment from any device they can log in to making drinking the company Kool aide easily digestible!

If you are interested in making life a little easier and more attractive for you and your employees while boosting productivity and company buy-in, Microsoft SharePoint Homesites can help make this an attainable goal. Contact our Pendello Solutions Business Technology Team today. Our team is ready to help you put the new Microsoft additions to work for you.



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