Is Your "Team" Working For You?

The definition of “Team” is a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. That is precisely what Microsoft Teams is, a group backing you up and helping you compete in this "game" called life. There are so many aspects of Teams that can help you get that winning edge. One point is that it brings all of your functions together into one centralized location to help with ease and efficiency. There is a multitude of examples of this within Teams. One shining example is the ability to integrate all of your external apps alongside your Microsoft apps within one centralized location; your Teams home experience.


We all do different jobs, and all require various applications throughout our workdays. A one-size-fits-all Microsoft Teams experience would never work. Even within our Pendello office, our work needs differ drastically. This is why we love the ability to customize our app integrations in our Teams experience fully. The customization allows us to bring all the things we work on into one centralized location, making switching between apps efficient and straightforward. This rings true for entire teams or for individuals.


Teams Apps

There are currently 320 applications that are available to integrate within Teams, and they span the entire spectrum. The range can be as simple as incorporating OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Word for one Team versus integrating Adobe Creative Cloud, Twitter, and PowerPoint for another. The options are endless and will continue to grow over time.

We at Pendello Solutions love the ease and convenience of having all of our applications available in one location. We think that most offices could benefit from exploring the options of customizing their Teams experience. To learn more about how to customize your Teams, contact our Pendello Solutions business technology associate team today. We will be thrilled to walk you through the process of customizing your office for better efficiencies.

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