How Outsourcing IT Services Can Increase Profits & Productivity

If your business relies on an internal IT department or an independent IT consultant for technology support, you may be spending more time and resources than necessary on IT maintenance and repair. When you outsource managed IT services, you can enjoy ongoing, personalized service that keeps your business running smoothly while saving you money. Here are some of the ways outsourcing managed IT can help you boost productivity and your bottom line. 


Reduce IT Staffing Needs 

When you hire an outsourced managed IT service provider, you can spend less on salaries and benefits for internal staff. Instead of budgeting for multiple compensation packages and possible overtime, you pay a flat rate. As your business and IT needs evolve, your managed services package can evolve with you, letting you stay agile in a quickly changing tech environment. 


Prevent Security Breaches 

Up-to-date data security has become imperative for any successful business. Recent research by IBM indicates that data breaches in the U.S. cost an average of $9.44 million in 2022, with the healthcare industry suffering even greater losses. Ransomware and destructive attacks cost an average of $4.54 million and $5.12 million, respectively. Small businesses aren’t immune to these types of attacks, either; in fact, small businesses can provide attractive soft targets, as their systems tend to be much easier to infiltrate than those of large companies that can afford to staff dedicated IT departments with full-time experts. Managed IT includes a full range of security services to help you avoid the exorbitant costs that can follow a breach or attack. 


Prepare for What You Can’t Prevent 

Equally important to preventing cyberattacks whenever possible is the ability to respond swiftly and effectively when they occur. No organization is completely invulnerable; even governments and enterprise-level companies with vast IT resources have fallen victim to attacks. As a result, no security plan is complete without an incident response plan. A managed services provider will help prepare for possible cybercrime incidents as well as other threats like natural disasters so your staff knows exactly what to do and can jump immediately into action to minimize damage and keep your business humming along. 


Avoid Costly Repairs 

Standard IT consulting services tend to work on a break/fix model, resolving problems as they arise and charging for services as you use them. This not only results in unpredictable IT costs but also can end up being far more expensive than a proactive approach. When you use outsourced managed IT, your service provider can constantly monitor your systems to detect and address problems before they impact business operations or require costly repair. 


Optimize Your Tech Stack 

When you spend resources on IT only when problems arise, you miss the opportunity for optimization. A managed IT provider can take a broader view of your tech environment and give you insight into how each aspect is impacting your business. This enhanced visibility could help you streamline operations and eliminate unnecessary costs so your business can run more efficiently. 


Stay Up to Date 

A managed IT provider can not only optimize your tech environment today but also keep you abreast of the latest technology and how it can support your business in the future. At Pendello, we developed our Strategic Technology Model with this objective in mind. We start by assessing your business’ current challenges and create a strategic technology plan to address them. We then reevaluate periodically to measure effectiveness and identify opportunities for optimization. This allows you to take advantage of the latest, most effective solutions available and ensure they keep up with your growing business. 


Build Your IT Knowledge Base 

The best solutions in the world won’t help your business if your staff doesn’t know how to use them. A managed services provider can offer training and support for your staff, helping them understand how to use IT resources more effectively and efficiently. Unlike a fee-for-service IT consultant, a managed services provider can meet regularly with your staff to understand how they’re using technology, how it’s addressing your organization’s current needs, and what updates or training may be needed. They can explain technical concepts in plain language so employees can confidently prevent and respond to problems. 


Pendello is dedicated to providing lasting technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We’re a proactive business partner, providing ongoing guidance to maximize efficiency, productivity, and security in your organization. To learn more, browse our blog.