How COVID-19 Has Changed How We Work.

COVID-19 changed a great deal for our world. Our world, as we knew it, was turned upside-down and inside-out in a matter of days. There was the apparent change in where we were working. Although, how we were working from home and functioning differently as an organization had us intrigued. We luckily can analyze these differences through Microsoft MyAnalytics. Last October, we dug into what Microsoft MyAnalytics is and how it works. It was fascinating to dig back into our “how I work” data and see how our work habits have changed throughout our work from home stent.

In mid-March, the Pendello Team made the decision to work from home. Below are screenshots from Pendello President, Mike Jackson’s MyAnalytics reports from February and April. It gives accurate data on how he and the entire Pendello Team functioned together very differently than how they worked as a Team in the office.


February MyAnalytics


April MyAnalytics

As you can see, there was more true collaboration and less email. So, in a time when we weren’t physically together, we were actually genuinely working more together. There was true collaboration through meetings instead of one-sided discussions through email. It might be said that we worked more as a Team when not in the office than in the same building.


The real collaboration we utilized was due to the entire Microsoft 365 stack. The Pendello Team has used the whole stack for quite some time, although using the stack from separate locations allowed us to experience a different vantage point. We were beyond impressed with how easily we were able to transition to working from our homes and effectively pick up right where we had left off. The way we functioned was different, yet our efficiency never wavered. To learn more about how we used the Microsoft 365 stack during our transition, contact our Pendello Solutions team. Let us show you how easily it can help your office find its new normal.

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