Briefing Emails: Your Dedicated Personal Assistant

As we have discussed many times before, there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks we and others put on our plates. We commit to so many things that unfortunately many fall through the cracks or get put on the back burner. Microsoft has come out with a solution to help us manage our tasks and time management. This new tool is called “Briefing Emails” and will be released later this summer.

Through a daily “Briefing Email,” you will receive follow-ups as if you had a dedicated assistant. This “assistant” uses AI to scan emails for tasks you may not even remember you have committed. For example, in an email, you may have told a team member, “I will handle this one.” These are the tasks that fall through the cracks, as you may forget to put them on your task list or calendar to complete. Luckily, in your daily “Briefing Email,” you will see an excerpt from this email exchange reminding you that you did indeed commit to this task.

Your fully dedicated assistant will also scan your Outlook calendar for important meetings. Not only will you be reminded of these meetings in your “Briefing Email,” but the pertinent documents needing review will also be attached. With this reminder, you can block time in your calendar to prepare and review and know that you will readily have the documents available to get right to work.

Speaking of blocking your calendar, your dedicated assistant will scan your calendar and look for time blocks throughout the day that could be blocked for “focus time.” In your “Briefing Email” your dedicated AI assistant will notify you that you have a block of time available and request to block this off as “focus time.” Allowing you to have 100% dedicated time to concentrate on pending tasks.

Although this tool has not yet been released to the public, we have had the opportunity to preview it for the past couple of weeks. We have been incredibly impressed with the intelligence and are very excited for the release to our clients. If you would like more information on this new tool, contact our Pendello Solutions Team today. We would love to give you our current feedback on how it will benefit your organization.

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