Cybersecurity Superheroes Unite

It’s holiday blockbuster season! The time of year when the big screens are full of movie releases that are expected to pull in the crowds that want to watch Marvel and DC Comic heroes unite to save the world. They come from all realms to fight the dark forces that threaten humanity. Together, they will save the planet. It usually happens while the human race is blissfully unaware of the dangers that lurk in unknown territories. They work silently and slowly to initiate our demise and take over the planet. These stories are engaging, thrilling, and by the way, who makes up this stuff? That would never happen ‘in the real world, ’ right?


There was a recent appointment to the Infrastructure Security Agency Advisory Committee (CISA) of a man known as the Dark Tangent (AKA Jeff Moss.) Jeff Moss is a prominent leader in the hacking community and is well-known as a white-hat hacker. Jeff Moss is joining forces with this group of elite individuals who are united in their fight against the dark world of cybercrime. They are coming together to offset the danger created by the men and women who do their work on the Dark Web. Cybercrime isn’t just happening in the dark rooms of foreign shores, sometimes the danger is right here, and the “bad guys” (and gals!) are infiltrating the very businesses that keep our infrastructure running. Healthcare, banking, and even the smallest of family-owned businesses are their target, with no one overlooked as a potential hit. 


You’re On the Squad

Recently CISA Director Jen Easterly said, “We’re at a pivotal moment in our history—one that demands we think anew about ensuring the security and resilience of our digital infrastructure in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. That’s why I couldn’t be more pleased that some of our nation’s best thinkers have agreed to join our Cybersecurity Advisory Committee”. The directive is simple, and the threat is clear. We must work together to address the threat of cybercrime, and that includes all of us. While those 23 individuals and leaders of the tech community on the CISA advisory board will come together to make broader decisions, we also need to be a supporting force on the front line.


It sounds so cinematic, but it is reality. We need to make sure that all of our employees know that a real threat and danger exists beyond the big screen regarding cybersecurity. Our khakis and golf shirts might not be as impressive as the suits worn by the Marvel team, but our ability to save them from demise is equally important! Human error can lead to far greater damage than a stolen password.


As we enjoy the holiday season, a time notorious for scams and holiday cybercrime, straighten your cape and remain steadfast in your efforts to strengthen the superhuman firewall that protects your business. Let the blockbusters stay on the big screen. You stay focused on protecting the smaller screens like those monitors, phones, and other devices that reside within your own realm. Together, we can do this!