Cybersecurity Readiness: Are you Prepared?

As you probably know by now, to survive a malicious cyberattack, you must be prepared. Being prepared is a lengthy but essential process. This process is what we refer to as being cybersecurity-ready. Over the last three weeks, we broke down the steps of Cyber-Readiness. Although reasonably straight forward, these steps are extensive and necessary to help keep your hard-earned business safe from a successful cyberattack. As the process is vital in today's age of increasing cybercrimes, let's take a look at what we covered.

Step one: You need a plan. This plan includes making sure you have strict policies and procedures in place, everyone in your organization is completing security awareness training and you must require multi-factor authentication. This plan is the foundation for the other two steps, and as you know, if your foundation is not stable, your structure will crumble.

Step two: Make sure your daily actions are consistent. Now that your foundation is complete, you must start to build the structure to be cyber-ready. This step includes the day-to-day actions necessary. Back-up is vital as your data is the air that your company breaths. If your data disappears, so does your business. Cybercriminals know this fact and prey on this weakness. You must require that all your data is effectively backed-up.

In addition to back-up, compliance and system updates are equally important. Without these two vital steps, you leave the security and privacy of your data, employees, and clients to easily be ceased by a malicious cyberattack. Cybercriminals only need one weak point to break through, and skimping on your day-to-day preparations will leave your business vulnerable.

Step three: Once your sound, cyber-ready structure is built, it will need scheduled "maintenance and cleaning." This is where the third step of cybersecurity-readiness comes in to play. "Maintenance and cleaning" when referring to cyber-readiness, includes proper research and scrubbing. Continuous monitoring of exposed credentials and malicious activities with the knowledge of how to "scrub them clean" is imperative. Knowing what is happening behind the scenes on your network can help prevent an attack from being successful, as well as knowing if your passwords and credentials are already compromised. This step of 'cleaning" is the equivalent of our current need for hand-washing and sanitizer.

With your network built and cleaned, you also need to make sure those you interact with are also secure. The saying goes, you are only as good as your weakest link. Research your supply chain and make sure those that you work with are also doing their part. If those in your extended network do not have security protocols in place, this again leaves your organization vulnerable.

To understand these three steps more extensively, be sure to read the previous three blogs linked above. These steps are extensive, although vital to your business. Let us help you build cyber-readiness structure with continuous monitoring and necessary back-up. Contact your Pendello Solutions team today and let our experienced team help keep your business' security and privacy safe.