Are You at Risk? Do Your Research!

Cyber-readiness is the art of taking the proper steps to ensure your business is as prepared as it can be. You need a secure plan which assures that you have completed all the steps to ensure that your environment is without any major faults. Yet, there is still one more significant step. You must do your research. Are your passwords at risk? Are you monitoring your network? What are your vendors doing to protect you? If you don't know the answer to these questions, then you are at risk. Cybercriminals know and understand the proper channels to take to deploy a successful attack. In the final part of our cyber-readiness series, we are exploring the vital research needed to help keep your business safe.

We have passwords for everything. Although, many unfortunately still use the same password for all accounts. What happens if that password is weak or worse yet, already on being sold on the dark web?

  • Combat the Password Crisis: With over 80% of hacking-related breaches linked to weak, reused, or stolen passwords, user credentials are emerging as the top vulnerability for businesses. To help keep your business safe, you need a team monitoring the dark web for exposed credentials. Also, as discussed in part one, multi-factor authentication must be required as well as an organized system for password management.

How will you know if you have any suspicious activities on your network? Will you know before it is too late?

  • Continuous Network Intelligence Knowledge: A critical component of cyber readiness is having continuous insight of unusual activities, suspicious changes, potentially harmful misconfigurations, or any other malicious activities occurring internally on your network. Our Pendello Solutions team manages this insight and has the knowledge and experience to know what issues to promptly detect before these threats cause harm.

Now, what if you take all the right steps, yet your vendors are doing nothing? A breach in their networks can directly affect you.

  • Reduce Supply Chain Vulnerabilities: Nearly two-thirds of firms (65%) have experienced cyber-related issues in their supply chain in the past year. Do your research and make sure those who are a part of your extended network also have protocols in place. Evaluate their security often as a breach on their end is likely to affect your business.

Take the time to ask the important questions and do the research. Cyber attacks can be detrimental to the business you worked hard to build. Contact our Pendello Solutions team today and let us help you create a plan which includes all of the necessary steps to help keep your business safe.