CES 2021 Highlights

Although last week's CES 2021 looked different this year, there still was undoubtedly exceptional innovation. As always, there tends to be a common theme at CES, and this year was no different. This year’s innovative announcements were most definitely a reaction to 2020. 2020 was an unprecedented year that gave us plenty of challenges. It is apparent that developers closely examined our challenges and created solutions to make moving forward in 2021 even more effective.



Throughout 2020, we were hit with an extreme challenge that left parents begging for schools to reopen. Virtual schooling was hard on teachers, students and parents and in most situations proved unsuccessful with the resources and tools that we had. Engageli is similar to Microsoft Teams, although it is made for school settings. It is built on an asymmetrical platform, which allows the teacher more control of the virtual classroom. It also enables teachers to create breakout groups within a classroom by using multiple monitors. Most importantly, this platform will work on outdated devices, making it functional for students living in cash-strapped situations.  




With the global pandemics that we were struck with in 2020, most of the world was cut off from their routine doctor’s appointments leaving many patients with underlying conditions quite vulnerable. This threat applied significantly to those with cardiovascular disease as constant monitoring is essential. HD Medical released at CES the first intelligent home device that monitors seven different biometrics in the comfort of your own home. The HealthyU has a seven-lead ECG, monitors blood pressure, respiratory rate, lung sounds, heart sounds, heart rate, Sp02, and even temperature. This device provides an intelligent solution for patients during a pandemic and for those who may have to travel great distances to see their cardiovascular doctor.




JBL Bar 5.1:

During the year 2020, we spent a great deal of time in our homes. In return, there was a great deal of remodeling and home improvement that happened. Since we were not going out to movies, a lot of thought has gone into sound systems in the home. Authentic surround sound is ideal, although it is costly, and having multiple speakers and a subwoofer installed is a large undertaking. The new JBL Bar 5.1 was released at CES 2021 and is a solution to our surround sound envy. The JBL Bar 5.1 is compatible with Alexa, Google Chromecast, and Apple AirPlay and simulates surround sound with just the one bar speaker under your television.


JBL 5.1


Lasso Recycle Appliance:

We realized just how much trash we are accumulating during the time we spent at home in 2020. Many of us diligently recycle. Unfortunately, depending on your city, those sorted out barrels of recycling may still be going in the landfill. The Lasso appliance, which was demonstrated at CES 2021, is the first closed-loop recycling appliance. This trashcan-looking appliance takes your plastic, glass, and metals and steam cleans them, removes the labels, sorts, and then quietly grinds up all of your recycling. It then stores the ground up deposits until it is full. Once the container is full, you will get a push notification to schedule a pick up where the company will come and pick up the deposit and ensure it legitimately gets recycled. This appliance is a time saver and good for the Earth.



PopSocket Magnetic:

Now that most retailers offer non-contact pay solutions, we are using our phones even more inside stores and gas stations. Non-contact pay is a fantastic outcome that came out of 2020, although the size of our current phones can make paying with our phone quite a juggle. Popsockets have always been an excellent solution for good grips on your phone, but it, unfortunately, impeded the use of wireless charging. The newest PopSocket was released at CES 2021 and is now magnetic, which allows it to be used and then removed whenever you want!

Magnetic PopSocket


For more information on these new CES releases or the latest technology for your office, reach out to our Pendello Solutions team today. Let’s take 2021 by the horns and ensure it is the year for secure efficiency in your office.

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