What's On Our Minds?

We, as humans, were built innately to worry. Fears have inevitably changed over the centuries, although that does not mean that our worries have become less. In fact, in a year that we have experienced extreme change and fear, we can testify anxiety and fear are not a thing of the past. With such extreme uncertainty in our world, Pendello President, Mike Jackson, found it to be no better time to read Yuval Noah Harari's most recent book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

Yuval Noah Harari's most recent book provides a perspective on why fear and worry may not always be a bad thing and provides debatable insight through his incredibly thought-provoking collection of essays. These essays induce a debate over 21 of today's "issues," including A.I. to terrorism to climate change. Instead of advising on these topics, Harari provides a framework to confront these issues that manifest in us as fear and anxiety.

Harari, with his incredibly engaging style, encourages the notion that the way to rid ourselves of these stressors is not to stop worrying. Instead, we need to know which things to worry about and how much you should allow your mind to be consumed. Anxiety and stress are innate in humans to keep us safe. However, in today's society, we typically do not need to escape a bear attack, so learning how to manage stress and anxiety better is essential.

The perspective in Harari's most recent publication could be seen as a handbook on how to manage stress in your life. In fact, many have called it an instructional manual on how to tackle today's issues. If nothing else, this book provides a great perspective on today's concerns, and even if you don't always agree, I can guarantee it will get you thinking….which is never a bad thing. If you get a chance to read something new, Pendello President, Mike Jackson highly recommends picking this one up and giving it a try. Then, if you get a chance, reach out to him and debate him on the topics!

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